Field Sports Cabinet

Field Sports Cabinet

The cabinet can be used with the original parcel shelf in place, so as to be out of sight. Guns can then be placed on top of the parcel shelf.With the parcel shelf removed, guns can be stored left and right of the cabinet, leaving room for a dog or dogs to sit on top.A rubber mat is supplied to cover the top of the cabinet. This is easily removable for cleaning.

A Range Rover dog guard can be fitted when using the cabinet, or a separate dog cage could sit on top of the cabinet to  prevent the dog running out when the tailgate is opened.

The decorative face of the cabinet houses three drawers. The larger on the left can hold bottles of sloe gin, champagne, tonics and so on.In half the drawer, a tray is removable to allow use in the house or barn for that rainy day, or just on the tailgate

The top drawer houses two more trays that have twelve glasses suitable for all types of beverage. At the bottom of each glass is the peg number for the day. That still leaves half the drawer for food containers.The lower drawer contains divisions which can easily be slotted into different positions
for storage of equipment.

The blind face of the cabinet can be used for the storage of a gun in case and cartridges, all out of sight behind the rear seats, and accessed by tipping the seat forward. Lifting handles are fitted to the sides of the cabinet to facilitate loading into the vehicle. The veneers and the metalwork used for the cabinet can be chosen to harmonise with the vehicle.